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SB 172 Threatens Parleys Canyon

SB 172 “Protection Area” Revisions sponsored by Senator David Hinkins would allow open pit mines, like this one proposed for Parleys Canyon, wherever a mining claim had been made going back to pioneer days, regardless of whether the property had ever actually been mined or not. It could be in your back yard or one of your favorite natural spots. We’re all NIMBY’s now.

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Property Values

According to a published study, gravel pits and quarries decrease nearby property values significantly by the following amounts: 25-30% for property within 0-0.5 miles (MountAir Canyon)5%

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The I-80 South Quarry developers estimate that 144 trucks would enter and leave the quarry every day for a total of 288 truck trips using

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Economic Growth

Pulverizing our wild canyon foothills into a gravel pit is also an economic problem. The #1 reason people move to live (and consequently work and

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Scenic Value  

The size and scope of the proposed I-80 South Quarry would be the largest mining operation in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

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Significantly increased industrial activity will dramatically increase the risk of wildfires.

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