SB 172 Threatens Parleys Canyon

Now coming to one of your favorite places. SB 172 protects land speculators and big extractive companies…but not you or your city.

SB 172 “Protection Area” Revisions sponsored by Senator David Hinkins would allow open pit mines, like this one proposed for Parleys Canyon, wherever a mining claim had been made going back to pioneer days, regardless of whether the property had ever actually been mined or not.  It could be in your back yard or one of your favorite natural spots.  We’re all NIMBY’s now.

SB 172 talking points with legislators.

  •  This bill is extremely complicated.  It creates major changes in zoning and land use authority for cities and counties across the state.  And it allows major adverse impacts on private property owners where the incursion of extraction industries could occur near to their homes and businesses with little recourse.
  • None of those adversely affected stakeholders were consulted or informed about these proposed changes in the law until they saw the text of SB 172 on January 31.  The bill should be tabled for this general session and the issue studied during the interim when there is adequate time to do a thoughtful review and hear public input.
  • This bill significantly expands the definition of what constitutes a vested right to mine or excavate property without local approval, including on property that has never been mined before and additional parcels nearby.
  • It prioritizes the property rights of those with mining interests above the property rights of neighboring residents, businesses, schools, churches, etc. and makes it difficult for local governments, residents and community organizations to challenge claims of mining rights.
  • This bill removes much of the authority of local governments to determine where new or expanded mines and gravel pits should be located and to protect public health and safety from the adverse effects of these operations.
  • We understand that Utah is growing and that raw construction materials will be needed to support that growth.  We believe that deciding the optimal sites for obtaining those materials should be determined through a process that balances cost, proximity to the need, and impacts on surrounding communities.  The preferred site for excavation of this scale should not be determined by one land speculator and one multi-billon dollar California company trying to change the rules that have been in place for decades.

Most particularly reach out to family and friends that live in the districts of the senators listed below- the bill sponsor (Sen. Hinkins), those Senators that represent Salt Lake County, and Senator Stuart Adams, the Senate President

List of Senators to Contact

Thank you so much for your help!!!  We all need to work fast since they are fast tracking this bill. If it passes the Senate, there is great concern that we won’t be able to stop it. None of us can do this alone. 

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