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Utahns Oppose Gravel Pit Expansion That Would Scar Parley’s Canyon

Legislator Working to Fast-Track HB 527 Bill, Bypass County Land Use Authority

SALT LAKE CITY – Feb. 21, 2023 – More than 26,800 Utahns signed a petition last spring opposing a new 635-acre open pit limestone quarry in Parley’s Canyon. But despite that widespread opposition, Rep. Kevin Stratton of Orem is now sponsoring HB 527, which would allow the project to not only bypass Salt Lake County’s land use authority but massively expand the acreage in Parleys Canyon that would similarly be subject to long-term mining activity and the permanent scarring that would result.

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The Wasatch Mountains are our watershed, shared public lands, and year-round recreational mecca. The 600 plus acre gravel pit being proposed by Jesse Lassley and Granite Construction the flanks of Grandeur Peak and Mt. Aire, would leave the Wasatch Mountains permanently scarred. Join us to stop this open-pit mine that would negatively impact all those who live and visit the Wasatch Mountains.



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Video: The Governor’s Monthly News Conference

Reporter – Any bills you’re considering on vetoing at this point?
Governor Cox – I’ll give you one example, the bill that would have overridden the county on a potential mining operation in the canyons, that was one I would have vetoed.

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Pledge for Parleys

For those in the community who would like to see this landscape protected as open space, Utah Open Lands is asking that you make a Pledge for Parleys. In the event an opportunity to purchase this landscape for preservation becomes possible Utah Open Lands wants to stand ready to act.



“In a valley with unhealthy, chronic air pollution from multiple sources, water resources steadily diminishing, and with those trends destined to continue and likely accelerate, it is alarming indeed that projects like this are still being proposed. More specifically, the additional dust and diesel pollution generated by the mine will only add to the health and quality of life consequences from existing sources of environmental degradation in the valley”

– Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment
“This is not in harmony with Salt Lake County’s vision to protect the unique qualities of our canyons and public health for generations to come,”

- Mayor Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County
“The potential for the quarry to make a major environmental and aesthetic mess near a highly traveled gateway to a heavily populated area is very large indeed.”

- Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board
Today’s action provides notice that the Salt Lake County Council intends to protect the forestry and recreation zones in our canyons from the negative impacts of new mining projects. I believe if we don’t act boldly and swiftly, we’ll end up with outcomes that threaten our quality of life. I believe this amendment is necessary to assure that we have ongoing preservation in our canyons, safe recreation, that we mitigate health risks to residents.”

Salt Lake County Council Chair Steve DeBry
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Move the slider Left and Right to see a Before and After rendering of the proposed mine. 

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