Property Values

According to a published study, gravel pits and quarries decrease nearby property values significantly by the following amounts: 
25-30% for property within 0-0.5 miles (MountAir Canyon)
5% for property within 3 miles (Canyon Rim, Parleys Way, and Foothill)

Residents of the Canyon Rim neighborhood at the mouth of Parleys Canyon have complained for decades about the health and property impacts of the dust from the nearby Harpers Quarry- which is only 10% the size of the proposed I-80 South Quarry. 
The nearby MountAir Canyon community is designated as a National Historic District, with structures that date back to the late 1800s. 

Most of these homes are within one-quarter to one mile as the crow flies from the proposed mining area.

Many of the historic homes in MountAir are built on stilts or with unreinforced stone foundations and walls.

There will be an increased risk of avalanches and rockslides from blasting operations.

Blasting noise and vibration would be a new and constant intrusion for MountAir homeowners.

Quality of Life Impacts


The I-80 South Quarry developers estimate that 144 trucks would enter and leave the quarry every day for a total

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