Scenic Value  

  • The size and scope of the proposed I-80 South Quarry would be the largest mining operation in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

  • The estimated operational life of this new gravel pit is ~100 years.

  • The Harper/Kilgore Quarry, the existing gravel pit in Parleys Canyon, currently operates on 11 acres but over its 125 year history has disturbed 67 acres.  This is only ~10% the size of the proposed I-80 South Quarry (634 acres).

  • Rio Tinto’s Bingham Copper Mine, visible from the Salt Lake Valley (as well as from space), has expanded to 1,900 acres over the past 115 years.  The proposed 635 acre I-80 South Quarry would initially be one-third that size.

  • If the initial project is allowed to proceed, the value of all adjacent parcels is effectively ruined for anything except more excavation.  The total potential affected acreage is ~2000 acres- equal in size to the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine. 

Environmental Impacts


Significantly increased industrial activity will dramatically increase the risk of wildfires.

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Habitat Destruction

The proposed I-80 South Quarry would destroy hundreds of acres of habitat for elk, deer, lynx, bobcat, moose, black bear, mountain lion, golden eagle, and other species.

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Air Quality

Gravel pits are harmful to air quality due to the high volume of fugitive dust they emit. The proposed Parleys

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