Air Quality

Dust from existing gravel mine in Parley's Canyon
  • Gravel pits are harmful to air quality due to the high volume of fugitive dust they emit.

  • The proposed Parleys Canyon gravel pit would create an estimated 220 million pounds of mine and processing waste over its life expectancy of about 100 years.  

  • This dust carries toxins such as crystalline silica, which is a carcinogen known to damage lung tissue and function and is a Group 1 carcinogen.

  • Despite the gravel pit operator’s best efforts, persistent canyon winds make suppressing fugitive dust nearly impossible.

  • The current Harper/Kilgore gravel pit in Parleys Canyon, operating on just 11 acres, has a dismal track record for air quality and causing fugitive dust.

  • Utah has very weak fugitive dust regulations and the Division of Air Quality lacks the authority or staff capacity for effective enforcement.  

Environmental Impacts

Scenic Value  

The size and scope of the proposed I-80 South Quarry would be the largest mining operation in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

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Significantly increased industrial activity will dramatically increase the risk of wildfires.

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Habitat Destruction

The proposed I-80 South Quarry would destroy hundreds of acres of habitat for elk, deer, lynx, bobcat, moose, black bear, mountain lion, golden eagle, and other species.

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