Fundraiser: Help Save Our Beautiful Wasatch Mountains

Parleys Canyon is Under Threat
A local land developer and a billion-dollar construction company want to develop a large-scale sand and gravel pit in Parleys Canyon. This proposed gravel pit is just two miles from the largest populated area in Utah, the Salt Lake Valley with over 1.2 million residents. This is a tremendous threat to our quality of life, public health, and safety.
Please join us in this endeavor to save Parleys Canyon.
Our goal is to raise $85,000 in the next three months. See below for details.
Thank you for your support!
The Wasatch Mountains are Our #1 Economic Asset and Need Protection.

Artist’s Rendition – Current View

Artist’s Rendition – After Excavation
The scenic and natural features of this area will be stripped away, leaving a lasting and permanent scar for all future generations.
This will impact:
  • Our limited water resources – watersheds, reservoirs, streams, and snowpack.
  • Our sensitive air quality with additional fugitive dust and pollutants funneling up and down the canyon and exacerbating health conditions.
  • Wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and the beauty of this canyon.
  • Our scenic gateway to tourism dollars will be forever damaged.
These precious resources need our protection and to be safeguarded, not further exploited in the name of big growth and corporate profits.
Utah’s geology is one of our greatest assets. Lake Bonneville left abundant sand, gravel, limestone, and mineral deposits throughout our state. There are plenty of other options to mine these materials outside populated urban areas. Parleys Canyon is not the place for a gravel pit.
We have worked with a great team of citizens, community organizations, community councils, local, city, county, and state officials, agencies, and commissions. We accomplished great public awareness, obtained over 26,000 petition signatures, and strongly supported the revised Salt Lake County zoning regulations passed last summer restricting new mining operations in the Wasatch Front Mountains.
Regardless of these significant efforts, the proposed gravel pit still threatens Parleys Canyon as the developer, contractor and their lobbyists work hard to overturn our laws to their benefit.
We invite you to join us. Your generous donations will assist in legal work, lobbying efforts, media ads, public relations, printed materials, signage, website, and social media, and will help continue the fight to Stop the Gravel Pit.
SaveParleys is a volunteer grassroots political advocacy group that is not a registered non-profit organization. Donations to SaveParleys are therefore not tax-deductible.
Parleys Canyon has been an integral and vital part of Salt Lake Valley history for over 170 years. Please donate and help preserve this important and beautiful canyon for another 170 years.
Thank you for your support!

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