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It has been reported that DAQ received some 1400 comments in opposition to issuing an air quality permit for the mine.

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The Wasatch Mountains are our watershed, shared public lands, and year-round recreational mecca. The 600 plus acre gravel pit being proposed by Jesse Lassley and Granite Construction the flanks of Grandeur Peak and Mt. Aire, would leave the Wasatch Mountains permanently scarred. Join us to stop this open-pit mine that would negatively impact all those who live and visit the Wasatch Mountains.

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SB 172 Threatens Parleys Canyon

SB 172 “Protection Area” Revisions sponsored by Senator David Hinkins would allow open pit mines, like this one proposed for Parleys Canyon, wherever a mining claim had been made going back to pioneer days, regardless of whether the property had ever actually been mined or not. It could be in your back yard or one of your favorite natural spots. We’re all NIMBY’s now.

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Pledge for Parleys

For those in the community who would like to see this landscape protected as open space, Utah Open Lands is asking that you make a Pledge for Parleys. In the event an opportunity to purchase this landscape for preservation becomes possible Utah Open Lands wants to stand ready to act.



“In a valley with unhealthy, chronic air pollution from multiple sources, water resources steadily diminishing, and with those trends destined to continue and likely accelerate, it is alarming indeed that projects like this are still being proposed. More specifically, the additional dust and diesel pollution generated by the mine will only add to the health and quality of life consequences from existing sources of environmental degradation in the valley”

– Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment 

“This is not in harmony with Salt Lake County’s vision to protect the unique qualities of our canyons and public health for generations to come,”

 – Mayor Jenny Wilson, Salt Lake County

“The potential for the quarry to make a major environmental and aesthetic mess near a highly traveled gateway to a heavily populated area is very large indeed.”

– Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board

“The environment is of huge importance to the Olympic movement, particularly sustainability. When we see things that could harm our environment – create damage in many ways – we have to speak up.”

– Fraser Bullock,
Leader in the effort to bring the Olympic Games back to Utah

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Move the slider Left and Right to see a Before and After rendering of the proposed mine.